Photography tour


The Tuscan Photography tour with Tuscan Trip is an itinerary that is custom designed just for you. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, this tour can be tailored to your interests of landscapes, city and village scenes, architectural elements, or photojournalism. If you are a shutterbug, Tuscany is a huge playground for exploring and creating your photographic concepts.

 We will bring you to ideal locations for panoramas in the countryside with cypress-lined winding roads leading
to old farmhouses on a hill and fields of flowers nearby (when in bloom) or wine vineyards, historical cityscapes of medieval villages and castles, local festival events, or piazzas full of people at sidewalk cafes to capture *la dolce vita*.

We can also suggest and bring you to a variety of locations for lifestyle and glamour photoshoots with your model. Come with us to create your next fine art photography landscape, stock images for your freelance gigs, or simply unforgettable photos of Italy to document your trip. You focus on the photography and we’ll handle the driving. Tell us what you want to shoot and we can help you to plan the locations best suited for your photography genre.

Let’s go!

Contact us to find out more specific details, obtain a quote, check our availability for your travel dates, and to book your excursion. We provide transportation from your accommodation in Tuscany, the Port of Livorno if you are visiting Italy by a cruise ship, or can meet you at the train station nearest to our first stop of the tour. There will be opportunities to find local venues for lunch. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Tour tips and reminders

·     Bring your camera, tripod, extra batteries, and extra memory storage for digital cameras

·    Wear comfortable walking shoes, the streets in the villages and towns are usually made of ancient cobblestones and in the countryside you’ll walk on unpaved ground

·      Dress in layers on cooler days as it can warm up at midday

·      Wear sunscreen during hot sunny days

·      Bring raingear if the forecast calls for rain, we continue the tour as scheduled unless the weather is too severe

·      Bring a refillable water bottle for drinking, many towns and villages all over Italy provide fountains with fresh clean water from the springs and aqueducts

·      Our guide is Italian from the local region and speaks fluently in English and French